Sleeping On The Floor In An Empty House, Ready To Leave For Thailand
20.04.2020 By ileke 0

Sleeping On The Floor In An Empty House, Ready To Leave For Thailand

Wow, less than two weeks now and I’ll be off…

It’s only been a little over a year since I first started dabbling in online marketing. I remember all the big hopes and dreams I had or was sold on back then.

I can’t believe the time has come to actually start living them now.

It didn’t come easy or without struggles, but if you’re determined and believe you can do anything!

As for right now? I sold all my stuff and am living in an empty apartment haha.
There’s literally very little furniture left, just come cabinets and bookshelves and my desk and chair. I sold my car, couch, bed, TV, desktop computer, dishwasher, laundry machine etc.

I’m sleeping on the floor on an old mattress and am wearing old clothes which I won’t be bringing since I can wash the ones I’ll bring anymore… 😀

The best thing is I hardly miss any of it. The car was only useful for getting to a job I don’t have anymore, my bicycle is fine for everything else. The bed was comfortable but I sleep just fine on the mattress.

I used to hate doing dishes but because I know why I’m doing them, I actually did them with a smile on my face earlier today, can you imagine?

I’ve been reading blogs to prepare like the ForTravelista travel blog.


My bed now, just a mattress on the floor…